Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Character Study 1&2

Name: Ricochet Jones
Age: 13
Hometown: formerly NYC now in some private community
Family: deceased, living currently with a friend
Best Friend: Lucy Tierney
Pets: beloved dog, Rags
Personality: friendly, hyper, kind, outspoken
Hobbies: skateboarding, drawing, playing guitar, acting
Note: Ricochet had lived with her father. Her father died of a disease last year. Ricochet was sent off to live with her friend in the Hamptons with her neat and perfect family. Whenever a girl turns 13, the neighborhood decides whether to send them to Ms. DeLay's School for Young Women to make them more ladylike or to have them stay with their families. All boys at the age of 13 have to chose whether to be involved with politics or medicine.

Name: Lucy Tierney
Age: 13
Hometown: private community (Westwood)
Family: mother (40) and father (41)
Best Friend: Ricochet Jones
Pets: none
Personality: quiet, neat
Hobbies: shopping, writing letters
Note: Lucy lives with her parents in Westwood, a weird community where everyone makes descisions for you. Lucy personally wants to stay with her family than go to boarding school for 5 years.

I hope you liked them! Please post comments. I write the draft later.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Welcome to my life!

Welcome to my life! This is not my first blogger. My xanga is cheesykrissy. This one is for my stories. Please read them and critize if necessary. I want to be a writer and an artist. I also love stiltwalking. Maybe I can join the circus. I'm babbling. Darn. Good night! My first chapter will be posted tomorrow.